Fermes d'Avenir" prize: The Château des Bachelards on the radio

This interview with the Château des Bachelards in Fleurie is linked to our nomination as laureate of the Fermes d'Avenir de Bourgogne, which recognises the quality of the biotop of its vineyards and the agroforestry project in the vineyards of Fleurie. Fermes d'Avenir is a group created by Maxime de Rostolan for the defence of organic and environmentally friendly agriculture.

"The Farmers of the Future competition The aim of this award is to promote and support farms committed to agricultural transition and to reward 14 "remarkable farms" in France. Before the awards ceremony, we met Alexandra de Vazeilles, owner of Château de Bachelards in Burgundy, who works her vines biodynamically. She is one of the winners of this competition who are foreshadowing the future of agriculture and inventing the models of tomorrow.
At a time of agricultural transition when we are talking more and more about permaculture, agroforestry and biodynamics, this winegrower with ambition and conviction is delighted with this prize organised by Fermes d'Avenir, which rewards her commitment.