The Castle Kitchen

The Château des Bachelards exists thanks to the double influence of the monks and Italy. Bachelards (place of God in the Oïl language and ancient abbey) remains anchored in its monastic past as a daughter of Cluny, its garden of simple plants (hortus in Latin), the design of the cloister, and its biodynamic herbal dryer still remain today and are used. But we must not forget that Lyon, the capital of the Gauls since the Renaissance, was lucky enough to benefit from the influence of Italian merchants and bankers who settled there for a few centuries (Lyon silk, Renaissance architecture of the old town, the pink city...).

The Castle Kitchen


  • An Italian piccola grocery shop of organic and Demeter products (biodynamic)
  • A bookshop on wine, organic farming and biodynamics
  • Some decorative objects, recycled household linen, for yourself or for gift ideas
  • A tasting room for our wines but also for a prestigious wine by the glass from another French region and in an old vintage
  • A shop with our wines to take away, including my first vintages which are now unobtainable elsewhere, as well as my special cuvées such as the Rosé which are only for sale at the Château.
  • Big comfortable armchairs in the courtyard of the Château to smoke a cigar and discover the wines of Les Bachelards with crazy food and wine pairings.
  • La Table du Château: a restaurant like at home, with only a few tables, with a cuisine that is all about naturalness and Italian inspiration, but not only, open in season and on reservation.

La Cuisine du Château : Italy in Fleurie

In season, our table is open. The cuisine is Italian inspired (but not only!), the products are organic, Demeter, seasonal or local for the most part. It is a simple and healthy cuisine. At the Table du Château des Bachelards, we seek and love the naturalness of our large biodynamic vegetable garden and of our place in general - a former abbey of the monks of Cluny.


  • The meat and poultry are from Maurice Trolliet in Lyon, Meilleur Ouvrier de France.
  • The vast majority of the vegetables come from our own garden, which is grown without any chemicals.
  • The fish are at least MSC certified.
  • The pasta and rice are organic, from Italian or Camargue grains.
  • The peppers and spices are from the Roellinger House.
  • The herbal teas are made with our aromatic plants picked in the morning for you in the monks' simple garden.


The menus of the Château des Bachelards

For example I will cook the following dishes for you:


  • Shellfish broth with lemon
  • Carpaccio of fennel & organic olive oil
  • Garden tomatoes, olive oil, Guérande salt
  • Vitello tonnato
  • Veal Battuta, lemon, coriander & olive oil
  • Crostone, burnt aubergine & bufala


  • Cod in tomato water, garden vegetables
  • Roasted fish of the day, mashed potatoes with olive oil, garden vegetables
  • Veal involtini with garden sage
  • Rabbit fricassee with rosemary from the garden
  • Grilled chicken with garden vegetables
  • Osso buco and its gramolata
  • Beef tagliata, bitter rocket, parmesan
  • Grilled veal Andouillette from Bobosse (not organic), garden salad

Pasta & Risotto

  • Risotto of green vegetables from the garden
  • Bucatini amatriciana
  • Spaghetti with bottarga vinaigrette
  • Spaghetti cacio & pepe
  • Rigatoni alla mollica (peppers, purple olives)
  • Thin lasagne of the day


  • Tiramisu
  • Chocolate fondant
  • White food and apricot compote from the garden
  • Seasonal red fruits
  • Frosted lemon

Wines from our own vineyards by the glass, wines from friends from all over the world in bottles and magnums and always a very old vintage from the cellar available by the glass.