Visits to the Château des Bachelards in Fleurie

What a story!

The Château des Bachelards exists thanks to the double influence of the monks and Italy. Indeed, Bachelards (place of God in the Oïl language and ancient abbey) remains anchored in its monastic past as a daughter of Cluny, its garden of simples (hortus in Latin), the design of the cloister, its biodynamic herbal dryer still remain today and are used.

The Château des Bachelards is a coherent place with a history that I have fallen in love with and into which I am integrated with respect, which does not prevent me from bringing in modernity and my own family history, both Auvergne and Mediterranean.

As part of a thousand-year history, the Château des Bachelards is committed to sustainable viticulture in all its aspects.

Our Tours & Tastings

"I entered the world of wine with no professional training other than a definite fondness for good bottles." Colette

grande dégustation

The Great Tasting of the Château des Bachelards 

This is an opportunity to visit the Château's facilities, from the vineyard to the cellars, and to understand the different stages in the production of a great wine, both organic and biodynamic. You will discover our vines, our vat room and our ageing cellars. Afterwards, you will be offered a commented tasting of the estate's wines. One of the wines will be served blind with a surprise for the person who guesses!

You will discover the different terroirs of our three appellations: Fleurie, Saint-Amour and Moulin-à-Vent. After this visit you will be able to tell the difference between them. Children can drink organic grape juice while waiting to grow up (offered).

The Great Bachelards Tasting with Food & Wine Pairing Bites

For gourmets, the Château des Bachelards offers you the opportunity to savour unusual combinations of small bites with the wines of the estate. This is a commented tasting after having discovered the organic and biodynamic vineyards and the cellars of Château des Bachelards. The appetizers prepared by our kitchen will be served with our wines which will reveal new secrets and beautiful emotions. You will enjoy a privileged moment in our tasting room. My grandmother always said: "Wines are made for cooking and vice versa".



Once upon a time, Biodynamics...

The main principles of biodynamics in the form of a mini conference:

  • History of biodynamics,
  • Statement of the main principles of biodynamic agriculture, its challenges, difficulties and successes,
  • Walk in the vineyard if the weather permits,
  • Identification of bio-indicator plants in season,
  • Identification of the ones we use for the herbal teas to treat our vines,
  • An update on the development of biodynamic preparations and herbal teas,
  • Organic gardening tips that respect the environment  traditions and permaculture,
  • Tasting of the Château's wines.


Picnic basket on the blanket, children playing in the background

Picnic in the Vineyards

This lunch break will allow you to enjoy the garden and vineyards and to appreciate our picnic prepared by our cook.

Seasonal menu: Starter, main course, dessert, a bottle of Château wine for 4 guests. Other drinks are extra. Everything is, as far as possible, locavore and home-made.

This is not a tasting, but if you have the time and inclination, a visit to our tasting room is possible (see our other offers).


To your pruning shears and boots

It's about making you the winemaker for a day. It's a time to roll up your sleeves and follow in the footsteps of the Château's Vineyard Manager or Cellar Master by taking part in the various tasks carried out that day. It is also the perfect opportunity to discover a wine estate in a different way and to understand the stages in the making of a great wine.



The Bar-Chelards : Thursday evenings at the Château des Bachelards are party nights

From 5 p.m. on Thursdays during the season, we welcome you for a drink and some Italian and Lyonnais food in the courtyard of the Château.

You will spend a privileged and relaxed moment comfortably installed in one of the sofas in the courtyard of the Castle, with a glass in hand accompanied by some Italian gastronomic bites.

Lyon and Italy share a common historical past, and I love Italian cuisine, which is all about naturalness and good products. Two good reasons to welcome you and serve you wonderful thin slices of culatello di Zibello, fresh crostini, crispy courgette flowers, vitello tonato, delicious mini pizzas, risotto with garden vegetables, olives selected during my travels etc. If you are really hungry, we will cook you some pasta with original sauces that I have the secret of.

Image 4

Everyone to the Kitchen!

A cooking class at the Château with a special focus on the magic and skill of food and wine pairing. The meal to follow is based on dishes that will have been concocted with the help of the château's chef. This is a great idea for a birthday party with friends.


The Château des Bachelards for Companies

A seminar underpinned by the fundamental values of back to earth, passion, change and construction.

For companies we offer the possibility of holding your seminars here. Our theme will be naturalness, understanding the cycles of the seasons, the life of the soil, climate change, the collapse of life, the importance of biodiversity, in short the work of a passionate person. Details and prices on request.

Bar à chiens

The Dog Bar

We have a water bar for our dog friends who don't drink wine! And shade for their siesta. Alternatively, they can wander around our vineyards under the responsibility of their master.

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